Moving on from Live Music

As lifelong musicians, Heather and I have a soft spot in our heart for fellow music makers, especially those that have found a way to makeĀ making music their way of life. This is one of the reasons we have worked so hard to find and recruit unique music acts to perform at Four Stacks over the years. We have continued to be humbled, and inspired by their creativity, talent, and drive, and have become close friends with many of them outside of work.

Unfortunately, we have noticed the interest in live music dwindle over the past 12 to 18 months, and found that on many nights, we have a larger crowd without music than we do with music. As a result, the musicians we hire fail to make the tips they deserve, and we spend money that could be better spent on other parts of the business.

Therefore, we have made the painful decision to wind down our live music program and relegate it to special events, such as First Fridays and/or anniversary parties.

While we are certainly sad to say goodbye to so many of our musical friends, we are also excited to use our renewed time and energy to invest in something new.

On behalf of our fellow musicians, we thank you for supporting them as they fulfill their dream of making music, and hope you’ll join us this Friday, December 27th, as The Rectifiers fill the Four Stacks stage for the last time this year!