The Four Stacks Founders Society

A Letter from Our Founder
December 31st, 2015

The approaching new year should not be a surprise. We begin each one eyeing it far off in the distance, catching a glimpse of its descent as we continue our daily hustle and bustle. We see it coming, yet we are always caught off guard when suddenly it is here, a freight train of massive proportions whistling its way into our present frame, the force strong enough to shock us into a hopeful, yet reflective, state of mind.

This year is no different for us. Though January will mark only our fourth month in business, it also serves as a two year anniversary from the date on which the seed was planted, and we began (though we didn’t yet know it) planning for what is now known as Four Stacks.


As Shawn and I toured the best of San Diego’s beer scene, spending far more time in Stone’s World Bistro and Gardens than we had anticipated, it became evident to us that it wasn’t just great craft beer that made these landmarks special. It was the dedication, and in many ways, the ideology, hard wired deep into the core of their founding teams’ DNA, that enabled them to build not just great breweries, but great companies.

These empires of beer culture, or as we began to call them, monuments, inspired us so much that we decided to create a Monument of our own. The result is Four Stacks Brewing Company, an organization that strives not just to make great beer, but to build a movement, culture, and ideology that inspires our team, families, and customers to push for and seek the very best that life has to offer.

founders-society-shirtWith this path laid out before us, the logical next step is to move from fledgling small batch brewery, with a few house beers on tap flanked by a dozen or more local and regional craft beers, into a big batch brewery that can bring, and keep, the spotlight on Apollo Beach, Florida.

Obviously this means that we need to begin producing beer in larger volumes than the 1 BBL batches we are producing now. Doing this requires three things:

  1. Refining and finalizing recipes for our core beer set.
  2. The purchase of larger tanks and kettles (our current system maxes out at 1.5 BB) so that we can produce 3 BBL per batch and convert our current system into a pilot system.
  3. The hiring and training of additional staff to serve as brewers and assistant brewers.

founders-society-pintThe good news is that all three steps are underway. The recipes for Old Sport, Zealandia, and our Mango Habanero Sour are finally locked in (and we have increased production on those beers), we have purchased an additional brew kettle that will allow us to max out our current fermenter capacity, and for the last month, we have been training two new assistant brewers we expect to hire full-time in the coming year.

This means that within just a few months, if not sooner, we will be able to increase the number of Four Stacks beers we present on tap, and better yet, be able to offer those beers in 32 oz. growlers, the goal being to also offer 64 oz. growlers by mid-year.

We’re on the verge of achieving great things, both as a business, and as a community. We really appreciate your support, and look forward to celebrating the new year with you.

Here’s to an amazing 2016,
Nathan Hangen

So what does this mean for you?

At long last, we can finally announce our inaugural mug club, hereafter known as the Four Stacks Founders Society. The Founders Society will offer a mix of membership incentives, while also giving our most loyal customers the opportunity to assist us in bringing about this new era of Four Stacks progress.

Founders Society Levels

Founders Society Chairman: $150

  • Closed March 31st, 2016
  • Exclusive Founders Society T-Shirt*
  • Exclusive Founders Society glass*
  • Limited edition membership card*
  • 10% discount on all Four Stacks beer, merchandise, and growler fills
  • Exclusive access to growler fills in 2016
  • Invite to special members-only events, including quarterly Founders Society limited release
  • Permanent listing on our Founders Society page
  • Your name engraved on the Founders Society wall plaque


Founders Society Cleric: $100

  • Closed March 31st, 2016
  • Exclusive Founders Society glass*
  • Limited edition membership card*
  • 10% discount on all Four Stacks beer, merchandise, and growler fills
  • Exclusive access to growler fills in 2016
  • Invite to special members-only events, including quarterly Founders Club limited release
  • Permanent listing on our Founders Society page


*Note: All items will be available for pick-up or shipment at a soon-to-be-announced date.
Shirt sizes will be requested closer to TBA date.


1.  When will I receive my membership card?

We will begin fulfillment of temporary membership cards during the week of January 18th, 2016. Members that sign up after that date will receive an email notification for card pickup within 2-3 days of purchase.

2. When do my benefits start?

The 10% discount begins upon receipt of your membership card, which must be presented upon purchase. We hope to begin 32oz. growler and crowler fills in late January.

3. How can I select my t-shirt size, and when will I receive it?

T-shirts will be ordered in a single batch on or around March 31st. You will receive an email (and several reminders) prior to that date with a link to a survey that will allow you to choose your size.

4. Will growler fills be limited to Four Stacks beers?

No. While some seasonal, special, and limited beers may be restricted, we will allow growler fills on both house and guest taps.

5. When will I receive my pint glass, and how does the program work?

Pint glasses have been ordered and are expected to arrive early February. Upon receipt, you can choose to bring your glass from home to receive a full 16oz pour of any beer, including those that are normally served in a tulip or snifter. We will also keep extra glasses on premise in the event you do not want to travel with your glass.

6. Are memberships limited?

While we do not have a hard cap on registrations, we may close the Chairman level early in order to preserve the limited nature of the program. There will be a hard cut off date of March 31st, at which point the Chairman will be permanently closed.

7. How will the limited release events work?

We will be brewing special, limited release, beers once per quarter. Members will receive a free pre-filled 32oz crowler and be given the opportunity to purchase an additional quantity based on the size of the batch and per-member allotment. Any remaining quantities will be released to the general public.


Founding Members

  • Brad & Abby Jacobs – Chairman
  • Samuel Rodriguez – Chairman
  • Cindy Wagriguez – Chairman
  • John Clochesy – Chairman
  • Mark Miller – Chairman
  • Wes Parker – Chairman
  • Bradford Ferguson – Chairman
  • Amy Ferguson – Chairman
  • James Pisacano – Chairman
  • Bryan King – Chairman
  • Micah Dickinson – Chairman
  • Shana Dickinson – Chairman
  • Casey Commander – Chairman
  • Banks Edwards – Chairman
  • Rick Diana – Chairman
  • Paul Yauilla – Chairman
  • Randy Olmstead – Chairman
  • Jonathon Wagner – Chairman
  • Joe Camero – Chairman
  • Patrick Harrison – Chairman
  • Cassandra Frias – Chairman
  • Mylinda Maye – Chairman
  • Chad Downs – Chairman
  • Thomas Burton – Chairman
  • Pamela Reno – Chairman
  • Dayne Bess – Chairman
  • David Hagelberg – Chairman
  • Margaret LaLonde – Chairman
  • Tanya Lawrence – Chairman
  • Randy Kiser – Chairman
  • Amanda Kiser – Chairman
  • Jason Riera – Chairman
  • Chris Lagasse – Chairman
  • Eric Fleming – Chairman
  • Derek Bush – Chairman
  • Chris Bredbenner – Cleric
  • Robert Collinsworth – Chairman
  • Jonathan Ise – Chairman
  • Brandon Kovitz – Chairman
  • Jason Engman – Chairman
  • Eric Dwyer – Chairman
  • Tom Giddings – Chairman
  • Mike McCormick – Chairman
  • Fred Noyes – Chairman
  • Mike Frey – Chairman
  • Dave Krumme – Chairman
  • Nic Correll – Chairman
  • Matt Bonneau – Cleric
  • Paul LaRoche – Chairman
  • Britni Haskins – Chairman
  • Branden Ames – Chairman
  • Scott Closs – Chairman
  • Varsha Wilson – Cleric
  • Richard Wilson – Chairman
  • Roger Kramer – Chairman
  • Nicole Mefferd – Chairman
  • Sean Stewart – Chairman
  • TJ Childs – Chairman
  • Tim & Kristen Jones – Chairman
  • Malachi Keddington – Chairman
  • David Reed – Chairman
  • Heather Buchanan – Chairman
  • Paul Jorgensen – Chairman
  • Rick Lanese – Chairman
  • Anita Walters – Chairman
  • Tommy Combs – Chairman
  • Clifford Oberg – Chairman
  • Pete Broughton – Chairman
  • Bill Haardt – Chairman
  • James “Boe” Butler – Chairman
  • Tom Loftis – Chairman
  • Laurie Loftis – Chairman
  • Kyle Jones – Chairman
  • Thomas Kamprath – Chairman
  • Micky Cordiviola – Chairman
  • John Deegan – Chairman
  • Andrew Thomas – Chairman
  • Shawn B. McDaniel – Chairman
  • Christopher Montgomery – Chairman
  • Geoff Newton – Chairman
  • Justin Dallam – Chairman
  • Stephen Hill – Chairman
  • Rick Weierbach – Chairman
  • Susan Wharton – Chairman
  • John Horton – Chairman
  • Scott Frey – Chairman
  • Steve Plastek – Chairman
  • Thomas Reed – Chairman
  • Bill Olney – Chairman
  • Josh Sweetnich – Chairman
  • Meliessa Kelley – Chairman
  • Jay Patel – Chairman
  • Edward Fontaine – Chairman
  • John McIntyre – Chairman
  • Royce Cavitt – Chairman
  • Victoria Baksa – Chairman
  • Mike Gottman – Chairman
  • Michael Ball – Chairman
  • Mike Haskins – Chairman
  • Christina Collinsworth – Chairman
  • Chris Wheeler – Chairman
  • DyJuan Mitchell – Chairman
  • John W. Rose – Chairman
  • Chrissy Rose – Chairman
  • Bill Sims – Chairman
  • John Harmon – Chairman
  • Brad and Carrie Thrift – Cleric
  • Liz Kavanagh – Chairman
  • Christina Sylvester – Chairman
  • Duane Stamm – Chairman
  • Alex Wohlhueter – Chairman
  • Lindsey Prater – Cleric
  • Brian Ditton Jr. – Chairman
  • Hilary Warnock – Cleric
  • Rachel Mushow – Chairman
  • Bob Mushow – Chairman
  • Nelson Long – Chairman
  • Lisa Long – Cleric
  • Jonathan Roman – Chairman
  • LuAnne Fulmer – Cleric
  • Mark Luedke – Chairman
  • James Riggsbee – Chairman
  • Kyle Lundy – Cleric
  • Charles Geitner – Chairman
  • Matthew Schilling – Chairman
  • Ryan Neading – Chairman
  • Joseph J. Sesta – Chairman
  • Jeffrey Kilcoyne – Chairman
  • Ida & Anastasia – Chairman
  • Matthew Thatcher – Chairman
  • Keri Thatcher – Chairman
  • Kevin Padden – Chairman
  • Renee Watson – Chairman
  • Nathan Harrell – Chairman
  • David Lawrence – Chairman
  • Eileen Pistolese – Cleric
  • Robin Reed – Chairman
  • Elizabeth Catherine Keefe – Chairman
  • Carlos Schomaker – Chairman
  • Joel Gonzalez – Chairman
  • Victor Hagenbucher – Chairman