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As we usher in 2018, we do so knowing that our age of innocence is behind us. No longer leaning on our origin story, we trade ignorance for wisdom, and agility for discipline, knowing fully that each new year brings its own opportunities to triumph through adversity, all the while converting our fledgling Apollo Beach brewery into a fixture that doesn’t just represent the community, but anchors it.


2018 Edition

Welcome to the Prime Council, a next-level opportunity that grants access to rare bottle releases, limited edition swag, a 10% house discount, and a limited edition membership card. Submissions closed March 5th, 2018.



Limited Edition

Crew Neck T-Shirt

Each Prime Council member will receive one limited-edition crew neck printed on an American Apparel t-shirt, which features our exclusive octopus logo on the front, and the Prime Council 2018 mark on the back.

This 50% cotton and 50% polyester t-shirt will be made to order, and will never again be duplicated.

Help Unlock the Prime Council V-Neck!

Stretch Goal!


V-Neck T-Shirt

Due to popular demand, we’ve upped the ante by offering a v-neck option for Prime Council members. However, because of supplier minimums, we will need to sell at least 50 in order to offer it.

Help us get there by sharing with everyone you know, and purchasing Prime Council memberships as gifts for friends and family!



  1. How does the gift option work?

    You will have the option to select gift membership as an option during checkout. You will then be contacted by our staff to pick up a gift membership card and custom printed card holder.

  2. When will I receive my membership card?

    Gift membership cards will be available February 2018. Fulfillment of final membership cards will begin around the same time. Members that sign up after that date will receive an email notification for card pickup within 2-3 days of purchase.

  3. When do my benefits start?

    Prime Council discounts begin upon receipt of your membership card, and run through the end of 2018.

  4. How can I select my t-shirt size, and when will I receive it?

    You can select t-shirt size and variety when purchasing your membership. Shirts will be printed and delivered approximately two weeks after membership submissions close (March 5th, 2018).

  5. When will I receive my pint glass?

    Glassware will be printed and delivered approximately two weeks after membership submissions close (March 5th, 2018).

  6. How Many Memberships are Available?

    This number is flexible and is determined by the number of memberships combined with the number of bottle add-ons that are purchased. There will be a hard cut off date of March 5th, at which point Prime Council 2018 will not be available again.

  7. When will bottles be released?

    The Prime Council release schedule is dependent upon a number of factors, including supply availability, fermenter/brite tank space, and fermentation. We plan to release one beer per quarter, but because these beers are unique, we can only offer a rough timeline. You will receive an email when your bottle is ready for pickup.

  8. How Does Prime Council Affect Founders Society Members?

    Founders Society members will receive their discount and Founders’ pours in perpetuity, however they must join the Prime Council in order to gain access to the bottles, merchandise, and add-ons.

  9. Can I purchase additional bottles or t-shirts?

    Yes. You can choose to add additional bottles and shirts (in any quantity) in our online store.

  10. How do I select v-neck as my t-shirt option?

    You will have the opportunity to choose shirt size and type when adding Prime Council membership to your shopping cart. We will do our best to fulfill all v-neck orders, but if we are unable to reach our minimum order of 50, then we will revert your order to a crew neck in the same size.

  11. Can you ship membership packages?

    We can (and will) ship membership cards, t-shirts, and pint glasses but are unable to ship bottles. All bottles must be picked up in the taproom by you or someone you designate as your trustee.